Apply For A Tallahassee Marriage License

I Want to Marry in Tallahassee, Florida; What Do I Need to Know?

To marry in Tallahassee, you will need to be issued a marriage license from the Leon County Clerk of Courts.  The Leon County Clerks Office is located at 313 S. Calhoun Street in Tallahassee.  You can reach the County Clerk’s Office for information by calling  (850)577-4060.  Both parties will need to visit the Clerk’s Office together to apply for a marriage license, unless extenuating circumstances make it impossible. 

You will need to contact the Clerk’s Office to determine if your situation is acceptable for not visiting together to apply for a marriage license.  Both persons wishing to be married will need to be over the age of 18, or if one or both parties are under the age of 18 but over the age of 16, a parental consent form will be required.  This consent form will be waived if the minor over 16 has been previously married.  If there is proof that the person(s) under 18 are expectant parents or parents of a child together, a judge may waive the requirement for a parental consent.  Minors under the age of 16 will not be issued a marriage license.  It will be upon a county judge to make allowances for minors under 16 to marry.  If you have questions about minors marrying, contact the Clerk of Courts at (850)577-4060. 

What About Other Requirements for a Marriage License in Tallahassee, FL?

All Florida residents are required to observe a three day waiting period between receiving their marriage license and being married.  This three-day wait will not be required for non-residents or if Florida residents that are marrying have completed at least four hours of marriage counseling  There are providers of marriage preparedness counseling throughout the community, and you can find a list by visiting the Clerk of Courts Office.  In addition to the waiting period being waived, couples that have completed these counseling sessions will pay a reduced fee for their marriage license. 

The counseling courses for marriage preparation are not required of any couple marrying in Tallahassee.  Couples marrying in Tallahassee will need to read and be familiar with the Family Law Handbook which is a book outlining the legal issues facing couples who choose to divorce in the state of Florida.  You may obtain a copy of the Family Law Handbook by visiting the Leon County Clerk of Courts.

How Much Does a Marriage License Cost in Tallahassee, Florida?

A marriage license in Tallahassee, FL costs $93.50 which can be paid with cash, credit card or a check.  If the couple marrying has completed premarital counseling, the cost of a marriage license is $61.00.  If the couple wishes to have a civil ceremony officiated by the Clerk of Courts, they will have an additional $30.00 fee.  Please note that your marriage license costs are separate from any fees that you may incur for premarital counseling. 

Whom Shall I Contact for More Information About Obtaining a Tallahassee, Florida Marriage License?

You will want to be in contact with the Leon County Clerk of Courts by visiting them at 313 S. Calhoun Street in Tallahassee or by reviewing the Leon County website.  The Leon County Clerk of Courts can also be reached via telephone at (850)577-4060.


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