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What is An Associate Degree

When making that decision to go back to school, you might consider that those with secondary training beyond High School have a better shot at job placement with better job readiness.  Bosses know this.  You have a better shot at a great career with some college under your belt.  Although an Assoiciates Degree is only 2 years of training, it demonstrates to companies your ability to start and finish something, and finish it.  There are a wide variety of specialties so you should choose a school that has the best Associates for you. 

What Associate Program is Best

When looking for the best Associates, you should consider three things:  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy?  What degree will help get you hired?  Some associates degrees are skill-based while other focus more on theory and study. We’ve listed some of the best associate degree jobs, along with a general starting PAY in those industries.

In our opinion, these Associate Programs have the best job prospects:

1. Accounting.

An accounting associate degree lends well in the job force for several reasons.  First off, there are a plethora of job opportunities for accounting students.  It’s a respected area of study and shows your interest and ability to crunch numbers, and to think strategically.  According to, earnings can start at around $27,000 but reach $50,000 depending on experience.  Should you choose to continue in school later, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, your course work from your Associates Degree should transfer smoothly in.  With a Bachelors, Accountants can earn salaries of $100,000 or more.

2. Nursing. 

A Salary for an associates degree in Nursing starts around $30,000 in many areas.  The hiring growth in the field of nursing is strong and has stayed strong throughout the past decades.   The median pay for full-time registered Nurses is just under $65,000.

3. Information Technology

Generally an associate of science, Information Technology is a growing field.  In an associates program you will study computer science, management, and other technical courses, preparing you to work in IT.  Job potential may include support specialist, data processing, or technician.  The benefits of an Associates in Information technology include the hire-ability in a growing and demanding field, and direct, specialized training.  It’s one of the few college programs that prepares you directly for your job.  Salary for Information Technology can range from starting, $30,000 to $60,000, depending on your company and experience.  

4. Paralegal Studies.

A Paralegal Associates trains you to work in document preparation, court transactions, legal secretarial work, and client depositions.  Paralegal Salary can start at $46,000 but paralegals just out of school can expect roughly $35,000.

5. Medical Associate – Dental Associate

With two years of study in the Medical or Dental field, you should be prepared to land a job as a pharmacy technician, medical assistant, dental assistant, radiology technician, cardiovascular tech, and more.  The job salary for a medical assistant can reach just under $50,000.

Associate Degree in Psychology

Psychology is a popular choice for Associate programs.  It doesn’t necessarily offer specific job training, and many jobs in the field of psychology require at least a Bachelors Degree.  However, an associates degree is a good stepping stone in your education and understanding the basics of psychology.  A few jobs you may find with a Psychology associate include technical work in a mental hospital or  possibly working as a rehabilitation worker.  Social science are often required for positions of this nature. 

Online Associate Programs

Online programs are becoming more and more readily available.  Even top schools are offering associate, bachelors and masters programs online.  This creates some outstanding opportunities to find a program that’s perfect for you.   Once you’ve pinpointed your area of interest, compare costs of online schools and the specialties that they offer.  Getting your degree could be the perfect next step for your career. 

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