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Nevada took a big hit during the most recent recession.  The dive in real estate had an effect on the entire state, but they are showing definite signs of recovery and improvement.  The states strong hold in gaming, banking, hotel, and small manufacturing and service business have helped buoy up the state’s economy.  They’ve seen growth in employment for their 1.4 million workers, largely in the giant tourism industry.  Additionally, the state has seen growth in other sectors, including areas of renewable energy, business finance, manufacturing, finance, and biotechnology. 30% of the states entire employment is in the area of hospitality and leisure, followed by transportation, trade, and utilities. 

The Western Interstate Commission for higher educated stated that the best way for Nevada to improve the economy is by proving a better-educated work force.  Lucky there is plenty of opportunity to get a degree in Nevada.  There are online degree programs in Nevada, as well as traditional, brick and mortar campuses to choose from.

Get a Business Degree in Nevada

Nevada has a plethora of educational options available to those seeking a certification or degree of any level.  A few mentionable institutions include the University of Nevada school system.  The benefit of attending a state school is the focus they have on their own state’s industry.  In this case, commercial gaming and gambling.  The University of Nevada, Reno has an entire sector dedicated to this study.  This is the perfect topic of study for anyone hoping to pinch a career in this industry, working on the upper end… management, advertising, business administration… the list goes on!  The University of Nevada, Reno also has hundreds of online classes to choose from including online degree programs in renewable energy, business administration, and an online MBA.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas also has some great business programs.  Their business degree programs are competitive.  Online degree programs through UNLV include special areas such Hospitality Administration.  It’s a great focus for anyone hoping to get into upper-level hotel or resort management.  These careers have great promise in the state of Nevada.  Other business degrees concentration options at UNLV include entrepreneurship, accounting, economics, marketing, and finance. 

While going to a state school could arguably be a great decision to help you find the most direct training for your state industries, other private online college programs can offer excellent flexibility, transfer of credits, and an overall student-friendly environment.  University of Phoenix and Sierra Nevada College are other similar learning environments.  These schools are a fantastic way to get an online degree while continuing to work or care for a family.  Classes are flexible and study time is at your convenience. 

Top Paying Jobs in Nevada

  • Management Occupations –median annual salary - $97,770
  • Legal Occupations –median annual salary -$94,740
  • Healthcare Practitioners / Technical -median annual salary-$82,720
  • Architechture and Engineering -median annual salary- $78,400
  • Life and Social Science -median annual salary- $68,310
  • Computers and Mathmatical Operations -median annual salary- $68,290
  • Business and Financial Operations -median annual salary- $63,820

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