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Illinois has the largest inland transportation hub and port and is home to over 30 Forune 500 companies.  It has some of the best education available in the nation and a vast array of industry in business, technology, and science sectors.  It’s economy is the 5th largest in the U.S. and 19th largest in the world.  The opportunities here are endless. 

Big business industries in Illinois include wholesale, manufacturing, trade, and financial and professional services.  There are nearly 6 million workers in the state. 

Illinois Jobs Opportunities

The city of Chicago is the center for educated professionals in Illinois.  There’s a huge selection of career choices in the city including fields of trade, manufacturing, utilities, professional and business services, and government.  

Online Business Degree in Illinois

An online business degree should pair well with any selection of business careers listed here for the city of Chicago.  Whether you’re hoping to start a new career, or accentuate your abilities through an online degree, an online business degree is a great choice. Getting a degree in Business Administration may lead to jobs in agribusiness, business marketing, business administration, and finance. 

You won’t have a shortage of school options in Illinois.  Home to some of the best schools, in the U.S., there are a plethora of programs in Business.   More and more of the great schools in Illinois are offering online coursework and many offer complete online business degree programs.  University of Chicago and Northwestern University are two of the best.  They tied for number 4 in the nation through U.S. News “Best Business School” listing. 

Northwestern University offers online courses through their continuing studies program.  Business certifications are offered in Accounting, CPA Preparation, Advanced Accounting, and Fundamentals of Accounting.  Online graduate studies include information system studies in analytic business intelligence, database Internet technologies, information systems management, and more. 

University of Chicago offers online courses and programs through their Provost Online Learning Center.  Course work includes Liberal and Professional Studies and more. Coursework and lectures are over the internet and may be completed in a timeframe that is most convenient to you. 

Other online business school options that are available to you in Illinios are University of Phoenix, which as campuses in Shaumburg and offers online business degrees on the associate, bachelors and masters levels.  American InterContinental University is also a great choice for an online business degree and online MBA program.  Their campuses are located in Hoffman Estates.  Argosy University is located in Shaumburg and Chicago and has business programs in doctorate, masters, and bachelor level. 

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