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North Dakota Overview

Due to its strong agricultural, energy and government sectors, North Dakota successfully survived the Great Recession and currently has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. The state has a diverse and growing economy and employs around 400,000 people. The energy sector is king here… the state is known for developed and drilled shale fields. Don’t underestimate the career opportunities that exist in oil. They are some of the highest paying jobs in the nation. For this fact, the state has surprisingly high incomes for the relatively low populous (3rd lowest population in the nation, to be exact). The beautiful prairie lands are filled with wildlife and the state is rich with natural resources. North Dakota is presently continuing to grow their manufacturing and technology-based businesses as well as energy and agriculture.  

The nation’s third least-populated state, North Dakota is a land of rolling prairies and majestic badlands, filled with wildlife and wildlife refuges. The state’s natural resources generate employment in agriculture and energy. North Dakota is also focused on expanding jobs in manufacturing, technology-based businesses, agriculture and energy.

The “oil boom” of North Dakota has literally changed the lives of tens of thousands of families. As mentioned above, this industry provides some hearty income. Dozens of stories have been published about the life-changing career change into the oil industry. Families who could barely survive migrated to the state where one working adult could easily pull in $70,000 or more annually from oil drilling. For individuals with business degrees, there is potential for even higher pay. Management in the oil business can mean high salary. Some of the mentionable, highest paying oil drilling management jobs: 

Drilling Consultant – This position can make around $250,000 annually. This job means that you’re an expert in all types of drilling. Most have a bachelor’s degree or more in engineering or similar field and a good deal of experience in the field. A business degree would also be helpful.

Directional Driller – Making around $200,000 annually. This is a job that some can aquire without a degree but a degree in engineering and business couldn’t hurt. They usually have 3 or more years experience.

Foreman or Superintendent – Around $185,000 annually. This is a managerial position and having a masters in business administration would definitely be helpful here. The job involves company management on all levels: safety, budget maintenance, and coordinating contracts.

Rig Manager – Around $140,000 Annually. This job also requires management training.

Get an Online Business Degree in North Dakota

With 30 higher education institutions, you won’t have any shortage of schooling opportunities. The biggest is the North Dakota State University system. The main campus in Fargo. NDSU’s College of Business has a myriad of excellent business programs including majors in accounting, business administration, finance, management, management information systems and minors in accounting, business administration, logistics, and management information systems. Masters are offered in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration. The online degree program at North Dakota State has degrees that work well with business: public relations and advertising and a bachelor of science in health communication. Online graduate degree programs that work well for business include Masters of Software Engineering, Masters of Speech or Mass Communication, Masters of Community Development, Masters of Construction Management, and Masters on Merchandising. Depending on your sector of interest, there is likely something here that will prepare you for the work industry of North Dakota.

University of North Dakota in Grand Forks is also has fantastic options for aspiring business students. The school is heavy in sciences which, when combined with a business degree are an unbeatable education choice. UND Undergraduate degrees that would pair well with a business graduate program include aerospace, business and public administration, engineering, law, and medicine. Graduate programs offered here include Business administration, communication science, computer science, applied economics, electrical engineering, and more. This school is also well equipped with online degree programs. Perfect for the busy, working individual that doesn’t have time for traditional college classes.

If you are anxious to get into a business degree program, but you simply don’t have time for a full-time traditional college program, some other options for online degrees in North Dakota include University of Phoenix or other private schools of this nature. They’re specifically designed with the working individual in mind. Study times are flexible because they’re on your schedule. Teachers are often available for questions through email or in some cases, live chat. These are excellent education options for the busy working, or “caring for a family” individual.

Management positions in North Dakota pay well, especially when you compare the low cost of living in the state. Here are some of North Dakota’s high pay jobs with correlated average salary:

Chief Executives - $139,000
Architectural Design Manager - $99,330
Industrial Production Managers - $93,500
Financial Managers - $89,300
General Operations Managers - $88,840
All other managers - $82,650
Sales Managers - $78,310
Computer and Information Managers - $73,880
Medical and Health Service Managers - $72,110
Civil Engineers - $69,460
Administrative Service Managers - $67,720

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