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There aren’t many places in the world that can compete with the massive and competitive job market of New York.   This state is home to the nation’s largest and most concentrated workforce, New York City.  There is lots of opportunity here, but don’t underestimate the living expenses and fierce competition you’ll find here.  Every industry can be found in New York City.  Among the most diverse states in the US, there is room for the world’s entertainment industry, dining, attractions, retail galore, not to mention the massive stock trade infrastructure.  The economy’s strongest job sources include education/health services, trade, utilities, transportation, and professional business services.  Living expenses are high here, but so are salaries.

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This state has more educational opportunity that you’ll know what to do with.  And you’ll need it.  Having a degree in New York City is practically mandatory for climbing that business ladder.  The more education you receive, the more prepared and confident you will be in entering the NYC workforce.  Schooling sets you aside from your competition and proves that you have prepared yourself for the industry of your trade.  Whether you plan to merge into the existing job market of the state, or venture onto your own entrepreneurial pathway, business might just be the best degree for you.  With a multiplicity of concentration options, you can study to work in any number of specific job fields.  Health care management, finance, communication, marketing, banking, public relations, human resources, the list goes on. 

Living in New York means that you’ll have access to some of the top schools in the nation.  Columbia University has one of the top business schools in the US.  Classes there are small and specialize in international business.  The City University of New York has multiple campuses throughout the state and has a myriad of business programs to choose from including special areas of study including biomedical lab management, business administration and policy, business and financial, economics, statistics, project management, and more.  Check the City University site for campus locations.  City University offers a number of excellent online degree programs in New York including undergraduate programs in Business, Information Systems, and Health Information Management.  An online MBA program is also available in addition to Data Analytics online Masters and an online project management certificate program. 

This kind of program may be perfect if you don’t have time for day-time classes and want to have the freedom to study at your convenience.  Some of the business degree programs offered here  are business administration, accounting, accounting and financial management, project management, human resources management, public administration, information systems management, and network and communication management.  Any one of these areas of focus would be great preparation for entering the New York job market. 

Our list here includes the best paying jobs in New York.  The first position on the list is Business Management.  Keep in mind that a business degree is the best possible foundation for a career in management.  The degree itself sets you aside from the rest and prepares you for a career in a growing industry. 

1. Management Occupations, $143,670
2. Legal Occupations, $124,840
3. Computer and Mathematical Occupations, $90,440
4. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations, $88,060
5. Business and Financial Operations Occupations, $86,000
6. Architecture and Engineering Occupations, $83,840
7. Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations, $75,480
8. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations, $72,120
9. Education, Training, and Library Occupations, $63,830
10. Construction and Extraction Occupations, $62,260


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