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This state has endured some heavy torture over the past 10 years.  Between the recession, Katrina, and an oil spill in 2010, not to mention dozens of tornadoes and floods, the state has worked hard to redefine their job market, and keep business strong.  New business and job opportunities in the state are growing and include new agriculture sectors as well as retail and manufacturing. 

As the state’s strongest industry, farming and agriculture pull in roughly 30% of the state’s workforce.  Foods manufactured in Mississippi include eggs, poultry, soybeans, wheat, hay, pork sweet potatoes, milk, beef, and fish.  Gambling along the Mississippi River is also a big revenue for the state.  Other big money-making industries in the state include the energy sectors.  Utility jobs in Mississippi are growing as the industry changes and moves into the arena of renewable energy.  Education and health services are also growing in momentum.  Employment in the financial sector of Mississippi is also relatively promising.  It’s a growing industry with room for growth.  

Business Degree in Mississippi

Getting a business degree in Mississippi is a good idea.  Jobs for business degrees in Mississippi including management positions in any of the mentioned areas.  Financial analysis, project management, statistics, marketing, supply chain… they’re jobs that every growing industry offers.  And those with a degree have the best opportunities for the highest pay. 

A few mentionable manufacturing projects: Toyota Auto Plant, a Billion-Dollar Natural Gas Pipeline, Cheveron ($1.4 billion expansion), just to mention a few.  These big businesses have countless management opportunities; perfect for someone with an undergraduate business degree or an MBA. 

Online Business Degrees in Mississippi

If going back to school seems overwhelming, but necessary to your career success, an online business degree might be the perfect solution for you.  In Mississippi, there are programs that will prepare you for management in the industries that are so prevalent in the state.  Some of the major business programs in Mississippi are available at Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, and Jackson State University.    Mississippi State has an online graduate program in Business and is ranked in the U.S. News & World Report.  University of Mississippi also has an online graduate business program, also ranked.  Ole Miss’ Online degree programs are available in the areas of Health Administration and Professional Business Administration.  These are excellent options for the working individual that want to add to their resume and build a career in company management. Other opportunities for online business degree programs in Mississippi include University of Phoenix, in Jackson.  They’re an accredited school and have a variety of specialties in business.  Their program is designed to cater to the busy, working individual.  Class times are flexible and online programs make it possible to study on your own time.  Online masters degrees, bachelors, and associates are available.   

Best paying jobs in Mississippi

We thought we’d include some of the best paying jobs in Mississippi. 

Average pay for some of the highest paying jobs in Mississippi

  1. Management Occupations- $86,000
  2. Legal Occupations - $82,000
  3. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations - $64,000
  4. Architecture and Engineering Occupations - $63,000
  5. Computer and mathematical Occupations - $58,990
  6. Business and Financial Opperations Occupations - $56,640
  7.  Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - $49, 960
  8. Education, Training, and Library Occupations - $45,240
  9. Entertainment, Sports, Media Occupations - $39,880
  10.  Maintenance, Repair and Installation Occupations - $39,820

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