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California has one of the most diverse job markets in the world.  From agriculture to technology, California has opportunities in practically every field imaginable.  With the perpetual technical growth in medical, science and marketing, job opportunities are ever-changing.   

When making a choice of schooling for your future career, you’re probably asking what the top-paying jobs are.  Of course in California jobs in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas offer highest pay. As a state on a whole, California accounts for 13% of the nation’s entire output.    It’s been ranked in the world’s top 10 economies.     

Industries in California

Some of the biggest industries in California are utilities, government, trade, and technical/business services.  Construction is a fluctuating industry with times of great prosperity and great decline. 

According to the California Department of Finance’s California Industry Projections 2008-2018 report, the fastest growing industries are expected to be education, health care, and social assistance. 

Here are a few of the top jobs in California with regard to salary, stability, and growth. 

Computer Technology

Silicon Valley is home to the world’s leading technology companies.  Apple, Google, and Cisco all take residence in this beautiful part of California.  And jobs within these companies are some of the most desirable in the world.  Sealing a job within one of these companies, particularly in computer or marketing position, you’ll likely make a six-figure income.  But it’s competitive.   Search out the right degree at a top school and hunt down one or two internships when you’re done.  But remember, in this part of the world, you’ll need a six-figure income to make it!

Biomedical engineering

According to the California Employment Development Department. The number of biomedical engineers is projected to grow nearly 68% from 4,000 in 2010 to 6,700 in 2020. Biomedical Engineer Salary - $81,540 – Median Annual Wage

Market Research Analysis

Marketing research includes examining market conditions and viewing potential sales of a particular product or service.  This position is expected to grow by 45%. 
Marketing Research Analysis Salary - $60,570


Utility wok has become diverse.  California has some of the country’s leading utility companies with SoCal Edison, PG&E and San Diego Gas and Electric.  Some notable opportunities within these companies include jobs in supply chain, information technology, marketing, procurement, human resources, field work, and of course, management. Salary for Utility workers ranges depending on skill level and expertise. 

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists work in research, studying vaccines, surgical procedures, pharmaceutical development and more.  With the growing populous across the globe, diseases are changing and demands for research are prevelant. 
Salary for Medical Scientist - $76,700 – annual median wage

Top Schools in California

The state of California has some of the best college programs available in the US.  With Stanford ranked number one business school, and three others making the “top 25 in the nation” list!  UC Berkley comes in at number 7 and UCLA at number 15.  University of Southern California 21 and University of San Diego is number 2 in the US for ‘student engagement and accreditation’. 

In addition to California’s vast array of nationally-ranked colleges, California State Universities also offer excellent training in a WIDE variety of bachelor, masters, and PhD programs, at a relatively more affordable price.  Here’s a list of California State Universities:

Living and working in the grand state of California may mean NOT having time for full-time school.   Online schooling may be a great opportunity for you if that’s the case.  Many of the schools mentioned offer extended and continuing education programs that provide online classes in Business, MBA, Educational Leadership, and more. 

Westwood College has campuses throughout California: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Torrance, Upland… and offers distance/online degrees in a wide variety of subject including business administration, healthcare management, accounting, construction management and more.

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