Apply For A Business License North Miami Beach, Florida

Are you starting a business in North Miami Beach, Florida?

You will need to contact the Business Tax Receipt Office of North Miami Beach to apply in person for a business tax receipt. They are located at 17050 NE 19th Ave in North Miami Beach. Alternatively, you may print it form the City of North Miami Beach website and return it in person. You will also need to contact the Community Development Department to determine if your business location is in the appropriate zone. It is recommended that you contact the Community Development Department prior to signing any lease or purchase agreement on any business property. You will not want to be financially contracted to a location that is not in the proper zone for your business because you will be unable to use it. The Community Development Department can be reached by phone at (305) 948-2966. When you reach the Community Development Department, you may also discuss the Florida building codes that you may be required to meet for your business location.

Do you have all appropriate licenses and permits in place?

You will likely need to contact other agencies to obtain permits and licenses beyond your business tax receipt to operate a business in North Miami Beach. Most businesses will be required to obtain an occupational license from Miami-Dade County. If your business activities include handling food or hotel room rental, you will also need to obtain a Florida restaurant and hotel commission and inspection report from the Miami-Dade County Health Department. You may need to obtain an alcoholic beverage license if you plan to serve or sell alcohol as part of your business activities. Certain businesses will need to be issued a federal employer’s ID number from the IRS and/or a state license for professionals. You may contact the Business Tax Receipt Division at (305) 948-2917 for more information on the additional licenses or permits that you may need. 

Are there fees for receiving a North Miami Beach business tax receipt (business license)?

Your business tax receipt fees are based on your business type, the ownership of your business (sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation) and other factors. Contact the Business Tax Receipt Division at (305) 948-2917 to discuss your business tax receipt fees.

What information is necessary to complete a North Miami Beach business tax receipt (business license) application?

You will need to provide information on your business and you, as the owner to complete your application. Be sure that your business tax application is completed fully and legibly with the following information:

  1. A description of your business activities, including what types of products you will be producing and selling
  2. Whether you will be sharing your business space with another business
  3. If your business will have retail or wholesale, and the cost of your inventory
  4. Whether your business is home-based, and the type of vehicle (make, model, and year) you will use
  5. If your business is for non-profit, you will need to submit documentation
  6. If your business claims exemptions for F.S. Chapter 205, you need to have the proper documentation for your status
  7. Whether your business serves alcohol
  8. If you plan to request extensions of your hours and your time extensions
  9. If your business runs on a septic service
  10. What your business location was previously used for and the former owner’s name
  11. State, incorporation, and federal tax ID numbers, if applicable
  12. Square footage of business premises
  13. Business property owner’s name, business trade name address, and phone number
  14. All names, home addresses, and titles of anyone associated with the business
  15. Business name, physical and mailing address, phone number, fax number, website, and email address
  16. Date of application
  17. Date of business opening
  18. Hours and operations of your business
  19. A signature in agreement of the five conditions for operating a business in North Miami Beach (not opening a business prior to receiving your business tax receipt, providing only true information on your business tax receipt application, etc.)

When you have completed your business tax receipt application, you will need to return it to the Business Tax Receipt Division at 17050 NE 19th Ave. If you need assistance in completing your business tax receipt application or have any questions you may contact them via telephone at (305) 948-2917. You may want to spend some time exploring the City of North Miami Beach website for information on obtaining your business tax receipt as well.

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