Apply For A Business License Lakewood, Colorado

Do you plan to conduct business in Lakewood, Colorado?

Those that operate a business in Lakewood will need to obtain a sales and use license from the Lakewood Finance Department. To apply for this license, you can either fill the application in and print it from the City of Lakewood website or you can visit the Finance Department at 480 South Allison Parkway in Lakewood to pick up an application. You may need to contact the Planning and Public Works Division at (303) 987-7500 to discuss zoning regulations for your proposed business area. This important step should be taken before you purchase or lease any business property or even if your business will be based out of your home so that you can be certain that the propery is usable for your business activities.  

Have you gathered the appropriate information for your Lakewood sales and use tax application?

You will need specific information for your sales and use tax application which pertains to your actual business, you as the owner, and supplemental information depending on your business activities. This information includes the following items:

  1. Type of ownership, whether owned individually, LLC, corporation, partnership, or other
  2. Names of owner(s),  birth date, social security number, home address, and phone number 
  3. Nature of your business (internet, manufacturing, wholesale, construction, etc)
  4. Name of business
  5. Physical and mailing address of your business
  6. All phone numbers associated with your business
  7. Primary contact for your business, along with their address and phone number
  8. Colorado state sales ID number
  9. Federal tax ID number (if applicable)
  10. Information on the purchase of your business
  11. Signature to verify that all information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge
  12. After-hours emergency form (a list of those who can be contacted after-hours in the event of an emergency at your business location and alarm system information)
  13. If applicable, a home occupation supplemental form

This is not an exhaustive list, so you will need to review the sales and use tax application for more detailed information. If you need assistance or have questions regarding this application, you may contact the Finance Department at (303) 987-7630. 

Are you planning to operate your Lakewood business from your Home?

If you plan to run a home occupation, you will need to fill out a supplemental home occupation form which is located on the third page of the sales and use tax license application. The home occupation supplement consists of six questions that will be used to gather information on your Lakewood home-based business. These questions will need to be answered completely and accurately and include questions such as if you plan to hire additional employees, how you plan to store items and equipment for your business, how many square feet of your home will be used for your business, etc. When you have completed your home business supplemental form, you will return it along with your sales and use tax license application to the Lakewood Finance Department, located at 480 South Allison Parkway. 

What are the fees for a Lakewood sales and use tax license application?

Depending on the type of application you are applying for, you will incur a fee. However, you may be responsible for paying fees beyond the application fee for other services provided for your sales and use tax license. Contact the FInance Department for more information and to determine your costs. 

Do you have more questions?

Contact the Lakewood Finance Department with questions regarding your sales and use tax license by calling (303) 987-7630 or visit them in person at 480 South Allison Parkway in Lakewood. The City of Lakewood website has excellent information for those that are beginning the process of opening their own business as well.

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