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Are you looking for information about obtaining your business license in Aurora, Colorado?

Those planning to operate a business in the City of Aurora will need to have a business license issued by the Tax and Licensing Division. If you wish to request an application in person, they are located at 15151 E. Alameda Parkway in Aurora. The Aurora business license is also available online from the City of Aurora website. Business licenses for Aurora are non-transferable between different owners. 

If you have purchased an already existing business, you will need to apply for your own Aurora business license. If you are moving the location of your business, you will need to submit a change of location permit application and pay the applicable fee. For a new business, you will need zoning approval from the Planning and Development Services. You can check online to view the zoning map to determine where your business will best be zoned. Do not assume that because you have purchased an existing business or commercial property that it has been zone-approved. It is your responsibility to have your zoning approval prior to operating a business in the city of Aurora. You can reach the Planning and Development Services Department at (303) 739-7000 to discuss your proposed business and its location.

Are you considering operating a home business in Aurora?

For a home occupation, you will need to operate in a way that is in alignment with certain regulations and conditions set forth by Section 146-2001 of the Aurora City Code. This section details the types of business activities which are not permitted for home occupation, such as beauty-related, tearooms, animal boarding, care of adults or children, etc. If you are planning to operate a business involving these types of activities, you will need to have a commercial location. Some of the regulations associated with a home occupation include not performing personal services (tax preparation, music lessons, counseling,etc) for more than one client at a time, not performing any type of business that would be potentially harmful to neighbors, not generating excessive traffic, not advertising, etc. Be sure that you are familiar and in compliance with all the conditions and regulations regarding a home business. When you file your Aurora business license application, make certain that you have checked the section regarding your business location as ‘private residence’.

Are there any special licenses or permits needed for obtaining an Aurora business license?

Depending on the type of business that you plan to conduct, you may need special permits or licenses to be in compliance with local, state, and/or federal regulations. Some examples include an after-hours business permit for those businesses that will conduct activities between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. A liquor license for businesses that plan to serve or sell alcohol will be needed. Seasonal businesses such as a pumpkin patch or fireworks stands will require a special permit as well. There is a complete list of the businesses that may require additional licenses or permits on the City of Aurora website. It can be reviewed online or you can contact the Tax and Licensing Division to discuss which, if any, of these permits or licenses may be needed to conduct your business. They can be reached by phone at (303) 739-7057.

What information will be needed to complete your Aurora business license application?

The application for a business license in Aurora is broken down into sections labeled according to the type of information which is needed. These sections include the following:

  1. Ownership information

    (LLC/LLP, partnership, corporation, individual, or non-profit)
  2. Hours of operation

  3. Purchase of business

    , meaning whether you have purchased an already established business
  4. Other licenses

    : if you hold additional businesses licenses in Aurora, you will provide this information in this section
  5. Non-profit organization

    : information regarding your non-profit organization, with an attached copy of your letter exempting you by the IRS
  6. Corporation/Sub-S Corporation, LLP or Partnership

    information, including the name of the corporation, all information for the primary contact of the corporation and the name and contact information of the registered agent
  7. Individual/Sole Proprietorship

    includes information on the sole owner, such as name, social security number, driver’s license number, home address, and phone number
  8. Business Information

    that you need to submit includes a mailing and physical address, phone number, email address, legal name of business, federal employer ID number, building code information, whether any of your business activities will be adult-oriented, amusement machines, start date, and contact person information
  9. Filing Information

    includes information on your tax payments
  10. Signature

    To verify that you are providing all true and accurate information, that you have received additional forms and information and that you have completed an affidavit

If you need assistance, you may contact the Tax and Licensing Division regarding your application.

What other paperwork must be in order to receive an Aurora business license?

Attached to your Aurora business license application, there are several other forms that will need to be completed in order for your business license will be issued. These forms include a legal affidavit for either the sole proprietor or the corporation/LLC or partnership which will need to be notarized before being mailed in. A checklist of acceptable citizenship proof needs to be submitted. A police/fire communications form will need to be filed for all commercial businesses in Aurora and finally a wastewater discharge permit application and questionnaire is required for all commercial businesses in Aurora, CO. 

Do you have questions or concerns?

Contact the Tax and Licensing Division, located on 15151 East Alameda Parkway, Licensing Section, Suite #1100. The office phone number is (303) 739-7057.

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