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How do I register my business in Gilbert, Arizona?

In order to register your business in Gilbert, you will need to download a Gilbert business registration application from the City of Gilbert website or visit the Development Services Department at 90 East Civic Center Drive to request an application. 

Will I need zoning approval?

If you are not certain if the business property that you wish to use falls into the correct zone, you will need to check with the Planning & Development.  It would be wise to do this early in the process of starting your business and before you sign any real estate contracts on any property.  The Planning & Development Services can be reached at (480) 503-6700.  You may find it helpful to view zoning maps online on the Gilbert website. 

What information is required on a Gilbert business registration application?

The registration application is used to gather information and register you business with the City of Gilbert.  Some of the information that is requested includes the name, physical and mailing address of your business, the name of the owner(s), address and contact information of your business, and a  business email address.  The ownership information, whether owned by a single owner, a non-profit organization, or government owned should be provided as well.  If you are applying for registration for a non-profit organization, you will need to provide information from the IRS proving your exempt status. 

Provide information on your business activities and on the location of your business.  If your business includes certain activities, such as alcohol sales, massage related activities, selling second-hand goods, etc, you may need a supplemental license application, which is noted on the business registration application.  You will need to declare if your business will be ran from a residence, and if it is, you will need to complete a home occupation supplemental questionnaire. There is a section which gathers information specific to a commercial location, and it is important to note that any commercially operated business in the city limits of Gilbert will need to obtain a certificate of occupancy.  You need to provide the square footage of your business property, whether you own or lease it, the number of full time and part time employees, shifts and your hours of operation. 

Your business sector will need to be submitted.  Business sectors include businesses such as manufacturing, forestry, healthcare, retail, transportation, etc.  A wastewater discharge information sheet is attached to your business registration application and will need to be completed in conjunction with your business registration application.  It includes a series of ‘yes or no’ questions pertaining to your business activities, such as whether you will be using or generating any potentially hazardous materials, if you will be storing or handling any chemicals, and if so, the type and quantity.  When you have completed your business registration application, you will need to sign it as a verification that you are providing only true and correct information.  All information that you provide may become public record. 

Return your completed application, and any supplemental applications to the  Development Services Department at 90 East Civic Center Drive in Gilbert.  If you need any assistance, or have any questions regarding your business registration application, they can be reached at (480) 503-6700. 

Will I need separate permits or licenses to register my business in Gilbert?

You may, depending on your business activities.  For example, if you plan to operate a business from your home, you will need to file a home based business questionnaire, if you plan to serve alcohol, you will need to contact the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control at (480) 503-6700. You may need to contact the IRS for certain tax ID numbers, if your are planning to open a massage therapist related business, you will need to file for a massage therapy establishment license.  All of the supplemental license information can be found on the City of Gilbert website, or you can contact the Development Services Department at (480) 503-6700 with questions pertaining to other permits and/or licenses. 

How long should I expect my Gilbert business registration to take?

You should have a Gilbert business registration certificate emailed to you within 10 business days of applying, providing that all of your paperwork is in order.  If you do not provide a business email address, your registration will be mailed to your business mailing address.  When you receive your registration, be sure to display it in a prominent place in your business.

What costs will I incur for a Gilbert business license registration application?

There is an initial cost for the processing of your application and registering your business and an annual renewal cost. You can find more information on what the cost is for your application on the Gilbert City website.

I still need more information. Who should I contact?

You can contact the Development Services Department by calling (480) 503-6700 or by emailing  You can visit the Department at 90 East Civic Center Drive or you can search the City of Gilbert website for useful information.

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