Apply For An Orem Marriage License

How can we apply for a marriage license in Orem, Utah?

To get a marriage license in Orem, Utah, all applicants must go in person to apply at the Utah County Clerk’s Office. Both the bridge and groom must be present together to apply for the marriage license.

The Utah County Clerk’s Office is found at:

100 East Center Street
Provo, Utah 84606
Phone: (801) 851-8109
Fax: (801)851-8232

How much will we pay for our Orem, UT marriage license to be processed?

All applicants, male and female couples, must pay a one-time cost of $50 due at the time of application remittance. This can be paid via several methods: cash, check, or credit cards that are Visa or Mastercard. A certified copy of the marriage license is included in the $50 fee and will be mailed to the address as indicated on the application. There are extra fees if additional copies are needed. For one uncertified copy of the marriage certificate, the cost is $2.00 per. If another certified copy is required, the fee is $5.00 per copy.

What details will the Orem, UT marriage license application ask about?

This information is probably the most important to read. If you do not have all of the following details, your marriage license could be rejected by the Utah County Clerk’s Office.

  • You and your fiancé’s full, legal names, if there has been a previous name change, it is advisable to bring those court documents if the Utah County Clerk has any questions regarding your name(s)

  • Addresses, both mailing and physical, they must be current

  • You and your fiancé’s birthplace details, city, county, state or country

  • Full names of respective parents

  • Both social security numbers

  • If either you or your fiancé was divorced in the past 60 days, the divorce decree or annulment paperwork is required to be presented when you apply

  • Birthplaces of all fathers and mothers, state information or county information

  • Ethnicity of both you and your fiancé

  • Signatures and dates

  • When can we expect to receive our marriage license for Orem, Utah?

    The Utah County Clerk mails out the certified marriage license as soon as they receive the solemnized application with witness signatures on it. It typically takes a week to receive your marriage license once the wedding ceremony is completed.

    What form of identification can we use to apply for an Orem, UT marriage license?

    The most common method of identification that is used to prove identity for a marriage license is a DMV-granted driver’s license, other acceptable forms are:

  • Military card

  • DMV-issued photo identification card

  • Birth certificate (required for proof of citizenship and age, all must bring this as well as a photo i I.D of some kind)

  • Passport

  • Couples must be at least 18 years of age. 15 year old applicants are required to receive authorization from a juvenile judge, applicants 16-17 years of age must have parental consent or consent from their legal guardian.

    How long will our Orem, Utah marriage license be valid?

    Once issued, your Orem, Utah marriage license will be good for 30 days. Be cautious as once the application expires, you will be required to pay the fee once more and go through the application process again.

    We have more questions, who can we contact?

    You can contact Utah County Clerk at (801) 851-8109. You may additionally visit the Orem Marriage License page. This webpage contains details on who is authorized to perform the wedding ceremony. Please go to Utah County Clerk’s Office to apply:

    100 East Center Street
    Provo, Utah 84606
    Phone: (801) 851-8109
    Fax: (801)851-8232


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