Apply For A Layton Marriage License

Can we mail the marriage license application to Davis County Clerk for our Layton, Utah marriage license?

No. You and your spouse to be are mandated to actually physically go to the Davis County Clerk’s Office to successfully apply for your marriage license in Layton, Utah. Furthermore, the marriage license application is not available online, so it behooves you to go to the Davis County Clerk’s Office to obtain your marriage license.

Davis County Clerk/Auditor’s Office
28 East State Street
 Room #136 Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-3213

What age must we be in order to be wed in Layton, Utah?

Both you and your fiancé are required to be at least 16 years of age in order to be lawfully wed, however, 16-17 year olds must have a legal guardian present to sign the marriage license application to validate it. In the same case, if you have parents that are divorced the legal guardian must be prepared to supply the paperwork at the Davis County Clerk’s Office. If you are a court appointed emancipated person, you will need to bring those legal documents at the time of application. On occasion, a judge will allow a minor aged 15 to be married, but the process is lengthier. A Petition for Authorization to Marry and Court Order must be presented to a juvenile judge whom will grant or deny the request. If you are 18 years of age or above, you will not need any parental consent to proceed with applying for your marriage license.

What is acceptable identity proof for a marriage license in Layton, Utah?

As a valid photo identification must be presented when you apply for your marriage license, it is important to bring one that is acceptable to Davis County. They will allow a current DMV issued Photo I.D. or a Driver’s License. If you do not have these then you may bring a Military I.D., Passport, or State I.D. Also, you both are required to present your birth certificates to prove citizenship.

Can we apply at Davis County and have our ceremony elsewhere?

Yes! The State of Utah allows application to occur at any County Clerk’s Office and the wedding ceremony can happen anywhere throughout the state. Make certain the location is within state boarders, however, as it would invalidate the marriage if it does not occur in the state.

What information will we need to complete the Layton, UT marriage license?

It is critical that you gather the following information, as it could delay your wedding ceremony if your marriage license application is incomplete or incorrect:

  • Your full legal names, as well as the maiden name for the female fiance

  • Permanent addresses and mailing addresses (if different from one another)

  • Complete legal names of all parents

  • Social Security numbers

  • Place of birth and date of birth for each applicant (whether it was a city or town, what county or parish, and what state)

  • Where the  father and mother were born, what city and state, for both applicants

  • If either of you has had previous marriages you will be required to disclose which number it is for example, the 4th marriage. Additionally, you will be required to supply the date in which the previous marriage was final or the annulment paperwork if it has been less than a 6 month period.
  • Whom can we contact for further assistance?

    You may contact Davis County Clerk and Auditor at (801) 451-3213. Ensure that you bring Visa or Mastercard, check or cash to pay the required $50 fee for the license. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. You can also visit the Layton Marriage License for marriage license information.


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