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Looking to open a business in Los Cruces?

In order to open a business in New Mexico, you are required to register with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department ( and receive your NM Tax Identification number (CRS) number by filling out the appropriate paperwork through the Taxation and Revenue department. You can apply for this number online ( or by submitting an application to your local tax office. The city of Las Cruces requires that you also have a City Business Registration or Business License. You can receive this registration by contacting the Community of Development Department (575-541-2287) or by visiting the office at 700 N. Main Street.

How will you know what type of license you need?

The type of license that you need really depends on the type of business you are running, such as a restaurant, a home-based business, a retail store, manufacturing facility, or other commercial enterprise, or whether your business is temporary or seasonal

How do I obtain a Home Occupation License?

A Home Occupation license includes businesses classified under the following categories:

• Professional Office which would be accommodating a single purpose such as a financial planner, insurance agent, consultation services, etc.
• Professional Service does not require a dedicated office for services such as direct distribution (Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc) beautician/barber shop or massage therapist. This type of license does not include tattoo parlors, fortune-telling or massage parlors.
• Instructional Service which includes tutoring for education classes, lessons and instruction in music and the like.
• Home Artisan Business would include such crafts as jewelry or soap making, tailoring, art studio, etc.
• Small Item Repair Service meaning repair of small working mechanisms as clock or watch repair, cobbler services, locksmithing. This category does not include small appliance repairs or small engine repair.

Home Occupation businesses are required to adhere to many rules and regulations, including how many persons may be residing on the site, how many deliveries can be made to the business in a single week, what percentage of your home may be dedicated to your business, etc. In order to avoid losing your Home Occupation business permit, you should read and familiarize yourself with the rules concerning Home Occupation businesses in Los Cruces by visiting the Home Occupation Information page on the City of Los Cruces website. If your business does not fall under one of these classifications, you will have to request a Statement of Zoning by filling out an application and submitting it to the Community Development Department.

If your business is held outside of your home, even if it is a temporary service, such as a food vending vehicle, a farmers or craft market, a concert, etc., you still need to obtain a business license and CRN. For a complete list go to the Las Cruces city website.You will need to fill out all the paperwork completely for whichever type of license you need and submit it to the Community Development Department.

What fees can you expect to incur?

To register your business, you will be required to pay an annual $35 fee. If you are with a non-profit business, your fee will be $20 annually. There are other fees whichfees, which may apply, including fees for liquor licensing, sale of seasonal items (iei.e.: pumpkin patch, Christmas tree lot, fireworks booths), private investigators, tent/sidewalk sales, etc. For a complete list of these fees and other important information, please see the Las Cruces Business License and Registration Fees page. These fees must be paid annually, and if they are paid before expiration, there will be no need to reapply for your license.

What are other important things that you need to know?

• Your business license will not be granted if your business is not in an appropriate zone. Check the online zoning property map to see if your business is in the appropriate zone.
• You must provide parking for your employees and customers, your parking areas must be marked clearly, paved and meet certain other specifications regarding location, size of lot etc. If you have questions, they can be answered by he Community Development Department at (575) 541-2287.
• If your business uses signs, you must have a permit, and there are regulations regarding size, height, and where it is placed which must be met before the issue of a permit is granted.
• You must have an address number clearly marked on both the building and curb so that in the event of an emergency it can be quickly identified.
• You are responsible for having a building inspection, fire inspection, and planning inspection to make sure your building meets all safety codes.

If you have other questions, who should you contact?

If you have other questions, call (575) 541-2287 or write to the CPT Community Development Department, PO Box 20000, Las Cruces NM 88004.

Apply for a business license now by visiting Las Cruces's website using the link above.

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