Apply For A Business License Roanoke, Virginia

What information should I have about getting a business license in Roanoke, VA?

First and foremost, it is critical that you have the correct business classification from the commencement of your business. What is the business classification? It is the category that the Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Roanoke determines that your business falls in. The City of Roanoke urges you to call them so that they may be able to, through a series of inquiries, determine the proper business classification. There is a wide breadth of possibilities since there is a variety of businesses in today’s world. That is why you must call (540) 853-2524. If you want to correspond through email, write to In addition to assisting you with determining your business classification, the City of Roanoke will also direct you to other divisions, offices, and/or agencies to ensure that you register properly with every entity that your particular business may require.

What should I anticipate for my Roanoke business license tax?

To receive your business license timely, it is important that the Business License Tax be paid promptly. If you expect that your business will earn less than $100,000 annually, please submit a $50.00 check with your application, made payable to the City of Roanoke. If you anticipate that your gross annual receipts will exceed $100,000 per year, here are the baseline computations:

Business or Personal Service - $.36 per $100 of gross receipts
Wholesale - $.26 per $100 of gross purchases and $44.00 flat  rate fee
Contractor - $.16 per $100 of gross receipts
Professional Services and Real Estate Appraiser and Broker - $.58 per $100 of gross receipts
Real Estate Agent - $15 flat rate fee
Savings and Loan - $40 flat rate fee
Installment Paper - $.50 per $100 of gross receipts
Barber or Beauty Shop - $.36 per $100 of gross receipts
Coin Machine Operator - $.36 per $100 of gross receipts with an additional $160 flat rate fee.

Again, please understand that the City of Roanoke asks that you call them so that your business classification can be determined by the Commissioner of the Revenue. This will avoid any future frustration. Call (540) 853-2524.

Are there any limitations on the application process?

As the City of Roanoke wants to work closely with you on the application process to receive your business license, you may print out the application from the website but may not submit it online. Printing the application directly from the website enables you to save time if you decide to drop off your application in person at the City Hall. If you wish to first call the Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Roanoke, then print the application and mail it, you may submit the application this way. Simply remember to call the Commissioner of the Revenue before you turn in your application.

What if I still have questions?

You are more than welcome to contact the City of Roanoke directly. If you wish to correspond through email, write to

Municipal Building
215 Church Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24011
(540) 853-2524

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