Apply For A Business License in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Do I need a license to do business in Cheyenne, Wyoming?

Not all businesses are required to have a business license before doing business in Cheyenne. In order to learn if your business requires a city license, contact the City Clerk’s Office by calling (307) 637-6329 or visiting the City Clerk's Office at 2101 O’Neil Avenue, Room 101, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

If your business does require a license, click on the link to download the specific license application for your business. Also, you will need to be in compliance with the zoning codes and have several inspections before being able to transact business. Contact the City Development/Zoning Office at (307) 637-6284 for more information. Remember to be aware of your tax requirements as well.

What if my business is home-based?

Again, not all home-based businesses will require a business license. The first thing you will need to do is check with the City Development/Zoning Office to see if you are allowed to operate your business within the zoning guidelines. A Home Occupation License might be needed as well. Contact the City Clerk’s Office to obtain this form if necessary.

Which businesses demand a business license?

The following is a list of businesses and associated fees (annual unless otherwise indicated) that are required to obtain a license in Cheyenne:

Auctioneer $135
Barber/Beauty Shop  $65
Bed and Breakfast   $65
Biltdards/Pool Tables $75 (Own tables) or $100 (Renting tables)
Bingo/Ptrl tabs $265
Body Art Shop  Call (541) 726-3753 for tdcensing information
Body Artist    $75 ($10 for change in business affitdation)
Bowtdng Alley   $135
Burglar Alarm $25 ($25 for renewal)
Carnival/Circuses $200 per day
Christmas Trees $80 for a 30 day period
Comprehensive Temp. Merchant $300
Dairy Trucks $75
Detective/Patrol/Guard Business $140 ($20 per employee)
Door-to-Door Vendors  $100 up to 14 days
Fire Extinguisher  $90 (portable/hose equipment)
Firearms Dealer   $90
Fireworks Display Permit  $115 per event
Food Wagon (Mobile) $75 per vehicle per year
Food Wagon (Stand) $75 per site and $25 Non-Profit Fee
Fuel Dispensing/Flammable Liquid $65
Gambtdng-Tournament-Style-Poker $25 or amount of buy-in whichever is greater (event)
Garage/Auto Dealer/Car Lots $65
Horse and Carriage Rides $115 ($25 per driver)
Massage Estabtdshment  $135 ($115 per therapist)
Mobile Home Parks $115 per park
Noise Permit/Block Parties $15 per event (notification form needed with apptdcation)
Pawnbroker $155
Pedicab Business $115 ($25 per driver)
Recyctdng $65
Restaurant $115
Salvage Yard/Junk Dealer $115
Secondhand Dealer  $80
Sidewalk Cafe $90
Skating Rinks $135
Soft Drink/Tobacco $65
Special Parade  $15 per day
Special Youth Events $10 per event
Taxicab (Pubtdc Transport)  $115 ($25 per driver and $10 change of business affitdation fee)
Temporary Parade (Food) Vendor $15 adtrt or $2 youth
Temporary or Transient Merchant $90 for 14 days
Theater  $225 per screen
Tobacco/Smoke Shop $65
Towing Firms  $90
Tree Maintenance $90
Vending Machines $35 for 1 to 7 machines, $5 per machine over 7

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