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Are you looking for information about business licenses in Lawton, Oklahoma?

Those that would like to operate a business in Lawton, OK will need to be familiar with the Lawton municipal codes pertaining to businesses in the city of Lawton. You may review the city codes by visiting the City of Lawton website or by requesting them in person at the Office of the City Clerk. You may wish to purchase the municipal codes. That can be done online or in person as well.  The city codes give a breakdown of the purpose of requiring a business license, of the definitions of what constitutes a business license, the fees for such licenses, and any fines that a business may be subjected to if they are operating without a license or with an expired business license. The city code outlines all the regulations and restrictions that your business will need to adhere to in order to operate within the city. 

Will you need any additional licenses or permits in Lawton?

There are several business types that are outlined in the city code where specialty licenses or permits may be required. Some of these specialty business licenses include alcoholic beverages and licenses for restaurants or food establishments. You will need to be in contact with the Lawton City Clerk’s Office for assistance in determining if your business needs additional licenses or permits to operate in accordance with the city codes of Lawton. The City Clerk’s Office can be reached at (580) 581-3305. 

Is zoning necessary for your Lawton, Oklahoma business?

Generally, any business will need to be located in the proper zone in most cities. For example, some businesses may not be approved within a certain distance of a school or public park. You will want to be certain that your business is in the correct zone so it is best to contact the Planning Department prior to purchasing or leasing a commercial property in Lawton. The Planning Department can be reached by calling (580) 581-3375. 

Do you need more information regarding a Lawton, OK business license?

Contact the City Clerk’s Office by calling (580) 581-3305 for information about applying for a business license and for information regarding the Lawton City Code. If you would like to visit the City Clerk’s Office in person, they are located at 212 SW 9th St in Lawton. Spend some time exploring the City of Lawton’s website to find more information that you may find helpful.

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