Apply For A Vermont Building Permit

What do I need to do to get a building permit in Vermont?

In Vermont, you will need to file a permit application and pay the applicable permit fee to the proper city permit office in order to receive your building permit in the city in Vermont where the project is located. If the building you are constructing or renovating is considered to be a public building, you will also need to get a construction permit from the state. This can be done by filing an application with the Vermont Department of Public Safety. All public buildings must get a local and state permit before any construction can begin.

Are there different types of building permits in Vermont?

Yes. Some cities have a separate application process for small projects. For example, Montpellier, Vermont offers a Basic Renovations permit for simple projects such as the installation of a new heating system, and a “Long Form” permit for more complex projects. Some cities may also require a separate permit for any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work you are planning to do in addition to the basic building permit. Because local building regulations can vary throughout the state of Vermont, you should always check with your local building and planning office to see what permits you may need before you start any project that involves construction.

In Vermont, what is the general cost of a building permit?

Your permit fee is normally calculated based on the size of the project or its estimated value. Middlebury, Vermont for instance charges $200 per living unit for construction of a new single family house, but calculates commercial permits based on the estimated square footage of the final building. Because of this, there is no set fee for a building permit. How much your permit costs will depend on the nature of your proposed construction.

Is a building permit and a zoning permit the same?

No. While some towns in Vermont do use the same office for zoning permits and building permits, building permits will only be issued if the construction you are proposing already complies with zoning regulations. If your property needs to be rezoned for your intended use then that will need to be done before you can apply for your building permit. If the property is not properly zoned then your building permit will be denied.  



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