Apply For A Nevada Building Permit

Where should I go to apply for a building permit in Nevada?

Where you need to apply for a building permit depends on where in Nevada you are located. If your property is located in a city or municipal area, then most likely it will be the city building department where you will file your permit application. However if you reside in a rural area like Humboldt County, then it is the county building department that will handle your permit application.

What are the different types of permits issued in Nevada?

Besides a basic building permit, there are several other permits that you may need to obtain depending on the type of work you are planning on doing. These include electrical permits, plumbing permits, grading permits for surfacing work, mechanical permits for heating and ventilation systems, and demolition permits. If you are building a road that connects to a county road, you may need a right of way permit. Specialty structures like spas and swimming pools also normally require a separate permit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary permits in Nevada before construction begins so when in doubt, check with your local building department.

In Nevada, what information is typically asked for on the building permit application?

Because permit applications are processed on the local level, the information and documentation required for your building permit application in Nevada will depend on where you are located. But generally the application will ask you to provide some basic information about the property and proposed construction, such as:

• Property address
• Owner’s name and address
• Applicant’s name, company, and company address
• Contractor’s name, address, and license number
• Description of the work to be completed
• Current description of the property
• Type of permit requested

You may also need to provide information about the current zoning of the property and the estimated value of the construction. When approvals from other agencies are needed prior to applying for your permit, you will normally need to provide information that certifies you have already received the necessary approvals.

What else will I need to provide with my building permit application in Nevada?

When you file your permit application, you will also be asked to provide multiple copies of drawn plans detailing the work that will be done. The specifications that need to be met with the drawings and the number of copies are determined by each city and county in Nevada; local governments will often have this information available on their websites. If other permits and certificates are required for your project, you may need to provide copies of these as well before your application will be approved and the building permit issued.  


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