Apply For A Mississippi Building Permit

Do I need a building permit for my construction project in Mississippi?

Building permits are generally required in Mississippi if you are constructing a new building, adding on to an existing building, or remodeling an existing building through structural changes. Whether your specific project will need a building permit depends on each city where you will be performing the work since it is the city government that sets building regulations and issues permits in Mississippi. Your local building department or planning office will have more information about when you need a permit and what kind of permits you must apply for with your project.

What documents and information are needed on the building permit application?

Permit applications in Mississippi will ask you to provide some basic information about the proposed construction along with detailed building schematics that specify the work to be done. The information requested includes:

• The name and contact information of the person making the application
• The name and contact information of the property owner
• Address of the property
• Description of the work to be done
• Names of any contractors and subcontractors hired for the project

The application may also ask you to provide zoning and floodplain information depending on where you are located. For example Starkville requires you to mark on all applications whether the property is located within the 100 year floodplain and what the lowest floor elevation is expected to be on the building.

Are there other permits in Mississippi that I will need to get for my project?

Depending on the size and nature of your project in Mississippi, you may need to get additional building permits besides a basic building permit before you start construction. For instance, in the city of Jackson, specialized work requires a trade permit, such as an electrical permit, mechanical permit, gas permit, or plumbing permit. Depending on the property’s location, you may also need a floodplain certificate or permit. There are also special permits required for demolition work, asbestos removal, and sometimes for use of portable storage containers. You will also usually need to get zoning approvals for your proposed use of the property before filing your building permit application. Generally all permits must be obtained before construction begins.

Are inspections required in Mississippi?

For most projects, you will need to have it inspected by a city building official at some point. However inspection requirements are set by the city government and vary throughout the State of Mississippi. Jackson requires a minimum of three inspections throughout the building process while other cities such as Gulfport do not set a minimum requirement.  


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